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Journal of Human Lactation, February 2014

Diagnosis and Treatment of Mastitis in Breastfeeding Women

Pharmacists as an Underutilized Resource for Improving Community Level Support of Breastfeeding

A Case Study of a Late Preterm Infant's Transition to Full At-Breast Feedings at 4 Months of Age

Maternal and Breast Pump Factors Associated with Breast Pump Problems and Injuries

Hospital Discharge Bags and Breastfeeding at 6 Months

The Association between Maternal Perception of Obstetric & Pediatric Care Providers' Attitudes and Exclusive Breastfeeding Outcomes

Journal of Human Lactation, November 2013

Does Breastfeeding Result in Smarter Children?  A Closer Look

Skin to Skin after Cesarean Birth

Diagnosing and Understanding the Maxillary Lip-tie (Superior Labial, the Maxillary Labial Frenum) as it Relates to Breastfeeding

Education and Support for Fathers Improves Breastfeeding Rates: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Recognition of IBCLCs by Health Insurance Providers in the United States: Results of a National Survey of Lactation Consultants

Predictors and Consequences of In-Hospital Formula Supplementation for Healthy Breastfeeding Newborns


August 2013 Vertical mother-neonate transfer of maternal gut bacteria via breastfeeding

July 2013 Cost Analysis of Maternal Disease Associated with Suboptimal Breastfeeding

June 17, 2013 Randomized trial comparing the effectiveness of 2 electric breast pumps in the NICU

June 2013 More Evidence Shows Breastfeeding Helps Babies' Brains

April 12, 2013 Maternal and infant infections stimulate a rapid leukocyte response in breastmilk

March 2013 Raynaud phenomenon of the nipple in breastfeeding mothers: an underdiagnosed cause of nipple pain

Pediatrics, May 2013

Association Between Total Duration of Breastfeeding and Iron Deficiency


Journal of Human Lactation, May 2013

Community Attitudes toward Breastfeeding in Public Places among Western Australia Adults, 1995-2009

Understanding the Experiences of Mothers Who Are Breastfeeding an Infant with Tongue-Tie: A Phenomenological Study

Ultrasound Imaging of Infant Sucking Dynamics during the Establishment of Lactation

Introducing Solids and Water to Australian Infants

Mothers’ Knowledge of and Attitudes toward Human Milk Banking in South Australia: A Qualitative Study

A Survey of Child Care Centers about Breastfeeding Support in Adelaide, South Australia

Longitudinal Changes in Suck-Swallow-Breathe, Oxygen Saturation, and Heart Rate Patterns in Term Breastfeeding Infants

Breastfeeding by Chinese Mothers in Australia and China: The Healthy Migrant Effect

Factors Associated with Breastfeeding Duration: A 30-Month Cohort Study in Northwest China


Clinical Lactation, March 2013: Volume 4, Issue 1

Breastfeeding and Dental Caries:  Looking at the Evidence

A Model for Breastfeeding Support: Think Arkansas WIC

Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Candidiasis, and Nipple Pain: Strategies for Differential Diagnosis and Care

Proposing a New Term: Drupelet

Roundtable and Response on Peer-to-Peer Milk Sharing


International Breastfeeding Journal

Maternal perceptions of partner support during breastfeeding May 8, 2013

Callers’ attitudes and experiences of UK breastfeeding helpline support April 29, 2013

Re-examination of old truths: replication of a study to measure the incidence of lactational mastitis in breastfeeding women April 20, 2013

Effects of mother-infant skin-to-skin contact on severe latch-on problems in older infants: a randomized trial March 11, 2013


Breastfeeding Medicine,  April 2013, Vol. 8, Issue 2

New Insight into Onset of Lactation: Mediating the Negative Effect of Multiple Perinatal Biopsychosocial Stress on Breastfeeding Duration

Effect of Breastfeeding on Serum Zinc Levels and Growth in Healthy Infants

Diet Supplementation During Early Lactation with Non-alcoholic Beer Increases the Antioxidant Properties of Breastmilk and Decreases the Oxidative Damage in Breastfeeding Mothers

A Transition Strategy for Becoming a Baby-Friendly Hospital: Exploring the Costs, Benefits, and Challenges

Perspectives on Promoting Breastmilk Feedings for Premature Infants During a Quality Improvement Project

The Influence of Mode of Delivery on Breastfeeding Initiation in Women with a Prior Cesarean Delivery: A Population-Based Study

Investigating the Effect of Black Tea Consumption During Pregnancy on the Oxidant/Antioxidant Status of Breastmilk

Breastfeeding: An Emotional Instinct

A Controlled Study on Baby-Friendly Communities in Italy: Methods and Baseline Data

Pooling Expressed Breastmilk to Provide a Consistent Feeding Composition for Premature Infants

Impact of a Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace on an Employed Mother's Intention to Continue Breastfeeding After Returning to Work

Effects of Symbiotic Supplementation on Total Antioxidant Capacity of Human Breastmilk